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September 4, 2020

Online Payday Advances Internet that is adding Lending Virginia’s Customer Finance Act

The internet Lending Alliance–a band of internet loansharks is circling Virginia and telling your Delegate to vote for HB 1248. Tell you Delegate to vote NO to help keep the net loansharks away. HB 1248 enables lenders that are internet no areas in Virginia to obtain a permit underneath the Virginia customer Finance Act. This

Including online Lending to Virginia’s customer Finance Act – SB 1126 & HB 1443

SB 1126 and HB 1443 merely simplify current customer Finance Act relates to loans made on the internet to Virginians HB 1443 (Patron: Delegate Peter Farell-R) and SB 1126 (Patron: Senator Scott Surovell-D ) inform you that the Virginia customer Finance Act relates to loans over the internet to Virginians. The language

This is what we’ve learned about internet loans from callers to the predatory loan hotline