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September 1, 2020

Eventually, Acker’s fiction will not decide whether, from the feminine perspective…

Eventually, Acker’s fiction will not determine whether, from the feminine viewpoint, history is much more accurately represented being a fragmented variety of localized narratives, or as being a monolithic single metanarrative from where females have now been methodically excluded.

10 Yet definately not compromising the time and effort to reform and repoliticize psychoanalysis, it really is properly this ambiguous mindset toward historic representation which becomes, in Acker, the dwelling regulating the partnership between Freudian and Lacanian concept. Acker’s work assigns these representational models of history to Freud and Lacan, trying to force a difference between a totalizing Freudian metanarrative, and a contingent narrative that is lacanian of psychoanalytic truth. Of course, because Lacan fundamentally will depend on the reality of Freud, this will be an impossible task. Then again Acker’s search for a misconception beyond the phallus can also be “impossible.