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September 24, 2020

Loan – Loans – Bank Millennium

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Borrow cash at a lower price with 0 commission that is PLNAPR 14.35%)

For virtually any 5000 PLN borrowed, you will definitely just pay 115 PLN instalment that is monthly

0 PLN payment

You only pay 115 PLN monthly for each 5000 PLN borrowed
Benefit from loan advertising (APR 14.35%):

    apply conveniently online fixed instalment through the entire loan duration it is possible to borrow as much as 20 000 PLN

Marketing rates

Look at your marketing instalment

Standard offer

Inside our offer we constantly provide:

    quickly, conveniently in accordance with minimal formalities from 1 000 PLN as much as 150 000 PLN you enjoy the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee*

*If within 1 month after signing the mortgage contract you see a cheaper offer with the exact same quantity and tenor – we will lower your rate of interest and can refund the distinction from the interest already paid to us, after fulfilling the conditions described in the Loan laws because of the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee.
Credit expense and appropriate note

Standard instalment

Look at your loan instalment for standard offer

Are you currently moving your wage to Bank Millennium?

Insurance coverage for loan payment?

Minimal instalment is 50 PLN.

Apr (APR)

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Just exactly How to put on

If you’re maybe perhaps maybe not our customer, e mail us.

If you should be our customer, apply in Millenet.

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Safe Loan Insurance

Appealing insurance Safe Loan will guarantee support that is comprehensive your household in various unforeseen circumstances, such as for example:

    total incapacity to operate or impairment as a consequence of any sort of accident, short-term incapacity be effective or impairment due to a major accident, lack of work or hospitalization because of a major accident, serious infection, death.

See additional information from the insurance coverage right here

What is very important, you don’t have to find the dangers. Insurance package offers coverage in most the above mentioned occasions and modifications immediately dependent on your expert situation and present pension/disability retirement entitlement.

Should some of the above unanticipated circumstances happen, the Insurer will probably pay for your needs:

    as much as 12 instalments in the event that you lose work or as much as 6 instalments if you should be taken fully to medical center due to accident, also 36 instalments if you should be temporarily unfit for work or 25% regarding the outstanding loan quantity in the event of death as a result of accident, the whole outstanding number of the mortgage if you’re fully unfit for work or 25% associated with outstanding loan quantity in case there is impairment because of accident, the complete outstanding level of the mortgage in case there is dropping sick with one of severe conditions or perhaps in situation of death.

In conclusion of this insurance coverage agreement is easy and convenient – it can take place through the summary of an advance loan contract, and insurance coverage protection starts the time following the loan is launched. The insurance coverage premium is 0.3% regarding the granted loan amount every month as well as for your convenience its put into the mortgage quantity. Learn more about the insurance coverage

Required papers

Do you want to reap the benefits of Consolidation Loan? Decide on a document based on your revenue stream.

  • Employment agreement / Contract of mandate / Author’s agreement
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Pension retirement
  • Disability retirement
  • Pre-retirement advantage

Among the choices below:

  • company confirmation of the earnings the past a couple of months
  • PIT for a year ago
  • evidence of earnings – in Polish
  • yearly taxation return and a certification through the Tax workplace or perhaps a certification from the ZUS/KRUS
  • income and expense ledger
  • verification of retirement transfer for the month that is last
  • final retirement payslip
  • from this source

  • final choice on indexation
  • final decision on pensionable remuneration
  • confirmation of impairment retirement transfer for the month that is last
  • last impairment retirement payslip
  • final choice on remuneration
  • decision on granting the retirement pension that is disability
  • confirmation of great benefit transfer for the month that is last
  • final benefit payslip
  • final choice on remuneration
  • choice on giving the advantage

Crucial papers

  • Insurance documents – in Polish
  • Earnings certificate – in Polish
  • Declaration on resignation through the Agreement of loan – in Polish
  • Loans Laws – in Polish
  • “Pożyczka z GwarancjÄ… Najniższego Oprocentowania” regulations – in Polish
  • „115 zÅ‚ raty za każde 5 000 zÅ‚ pożyczki IV edycja” promotion regulations – in Polish
  • „100 zÅ‚ raty za każde 5 000 zÅ‚ pożyczki IV edycja” promotions regulations – in Polish
  • „Promocja na start z ubezpieczeniem” – in Polish
  • Loan price list

Credit expense and appropriate note

Representative instance for an advance loan with “Promocja na begin z ubezpieczeniem” promotion: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 14.35%, total loan quantity (web of loan-financed expenses): PLN 15 000; total quantity due: PLN 20 700; fixed interest 6.34%, total cost of the mortgage: PLN 5 700, (including: charge: 0% (PLN 0); interest PLN 3000; extra services PLN 2 700, including: insurance PLN 2 700; 60 month-to-month equal instalments of PLN 345; very very very first instalment due after 1 month from disbursement for the cash. The calculation ended up being made at the time of 08.04.2020 on an example that is representative.

The “Promocja na start z ubezpieczeniem” promotion is valid till 03.07.2020 and relates to uninsured money loans provided when it comes to amount of 60 months with add up to be disbursed underneath the contract PLN 5000 or PLN 10 000 or PLN 15 000 or PLN 20 000. The promotion can be obtained to clients who didn’t have an advance loan or consolidation loan into the Bank 12 months prior to the right period of submitting the applying and declare the wage tranfer for present acount and suggest the financial institution as eligible for insurance advantages in the event of debtor death. The promotion: might not be along with other promotions concerning money loans; it may be taken only one time during its legitimacy and it also doesn’t protect loans for payment of other credit items.